20 Aug, 17
There are many things that can go wrong around the home or work place where you will need some kind of repair to be completed urgently.
One type of fault that may need urgent attention is if you have an electrical problem during unsociable hours when you are sleeping or out of business hours.
Problems that can occur are for instance having a burglar alarm unexpectedly go off and keep your neighbours awake. You could also have a power failure which will stop your heating and hot water from working. This can be especially troublesome during the winter months.
Electrical work is extremely dangerous and it should never be attempted by someone who is unqualified and certificated to do so. Apart from the possibility of creating further damage to your home or business premises, there is a real chance of injury to the person attempting to repair the fault. There is also the danger of electrocution which in some cases can be fatal.
So how do you handle an emergency in the middle of the night or out of normal working hours?
You will need to get the assistance of a professional electrical contractor with a 24-hour service in place with a reliable call out service that will guarantee to turn up on time no matter what time it is.
Once you have contacted the electrical contractor and the electrician arrives, the fault will need to be inspected before any price can be quoted as all emergencies are different. The quotation will depend on what is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Sometimes, it may only possible to make a temporary repair to the fault which will make things safe for you and a return appointment arranged to compete the job when the necessary parts are gathered.
A.M.E Electrical can assist you with any electrical fault that you may encounter during the night and help you in your hour of need. You can get in touch with us by phoning us on 01443 526036 or contact us here.
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