08 Aug, 17
Without electricity, your home will not be able to function properly in this modern day and age. With so many wires, switches and devices in the modern day household, there will be times when things go wrong, or not work correctly and you will need the services of a qualified electrician.
Here are some of the most common faults listed below in which you should call a qualified electrical contractor to assist you and correct any faults or breakages leaving your home safe and problem free.
Wiring that is exposed:
This will need attention immediately as wires that are visible when they should not be can be a fire hazard and can also present a danger to children around the home as they will be accessible.
Large electricity bills:
A good electrician will be able to advise you on how you can save money and reduce your monthly or quarterly bill. This could be upgrading certain devices or advice on how to efficiently use what you currently have.
A loose plug socket:
This could lead to you plugs dropping out of your sockets and worse still cause a fire. A plug socket is designed to grip the plug solidly so if that is not the case, seek help.
Lights that flicker:
If you have lights that flicker it could be a simple bulb change. If this continues once a new one has been inserted you may have a fixture problem or faulty wiring. Do not attempt to repair this yourself.
A.M.E Electrical are here to help you with any of the above faults. If you are experiencing any electrical problems at home or in the work place, feel free to contact us for some expert and friendly advice.