14 Aug, 17
at Testing is known as (Portable appliance testing) is the term used for the testing of appliances to ensure that they are in safe working order to keep your staff at the workplace.
The checks are to test if there are any defaults on the item. Some defects can be spotted by a visual check but some checks will need a test.
Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that all electrical equipment can cause some damage if not in good order but it does not state how often the checks should take place or what certain tasks should be performed.
Different types of electrical equipment will be inspected at different periods due to the frequency that they are used. As an example, a lamp in a hotel will be checked less than electrical tools used on a daily basis on a building site.
Any new items that you buy are expected to be in perfect safe working order so you will not need to have them tested.
The person that completes the PAT Test should have the knowledge and basic training required to make them competent. They should have the required tools and equipment to do the job properly and know how to use it. They should also understand the results of what they find and be able to document it.
If you are hiring any type of electrical equipment, it should be checked and tested beforehand so what you receive is safe and ready to use
There is no Law for PAT Testing but as an employer you are required to keep your employees safe..
A.M.E Electrical can visit your business premises to test any equipment for faults and restore the to full working order. Please get in touch via our contact page.