27 Aug, 17
There are several measures that you can take to make your home or business safer and protect inside and out from intruders and potential theft. Some of the devices available on the market are burglar alarms, security cameras (CCTV), deadbolt locks and gated entrances.
Another extra protection measure that you may wish consider adding is to install exterior lighting around the outside walls, to put off a potential intruder from setting foot on your land. A large percentage of criminal activity involving house burglaries happen during the night and when things start to get dark.
Having a well-lit up entrance would make a potential thief think twice and reduce the chance of a crime being committed. A bright light that quickly turns on when a certain line is crossed will help put off a potential intruder from causing any damage or theft.
Another benefit, aside from crime prevention is your own safety. You may need to make a repair or perform a certain task outside that cannot wait for daylight. By having access to lighting, it will enable you to continue to work in an illuminated area which will decrease the risk of injury or damage regardless of what time it is.
Having outdoor lighting will not only be useful at night but also during the winter months in the UK when it starts to get dark in the late afternoon. An additional benefit exterior lighting will also make the outside of your home more attractive and it will look more welcoming to your guests. If this is the reason you want to install external lighting, you may want to consider purchasing decorative lighting that can light up ornaments, plant pots and other garden features.
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