10 Dec, 21
Electric cars are vital for our future to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.
AME Electrical offer a range of charger options. From hybrids to electrics, we can design the ideal installation for the most effective and user-friendly position.
We offer a comprehensive selection of charging solutions suitable for every market. Whether you need an EV Charger for a compact driveway or you’re looking to install a network of chargers, for a range of cars, as a commercial solution, we can do it all.
What electric vehicle charging solutions can we help with?
We are highly trained to deliver a range of solutions such as;
  • Residential vehicle charge point -If you need a simple solution to quickly ‘plug and charge’ your car, our no-nonsense residential solutions are ideal.
  • Commercial and Business EV chargers – Help encourage the take-up of electric vehicles by making electric charging points more accessible. We can help to increase the number of public charging points in your district with quick and efficient installation.
  • Development and new build estates electric car charger – We can help with small to large developments which are looking to enhance their properties and residential areas with an electric car charger.
  • Public sector EV charging stations –Allow staff to charge up their vehicles at work and promote ‘green transport’ by installing car chargers commercially or for business employees and clients.
Call or email us to arrange a quotation: 01443 526036 info@ame-electrical.com