Energy Saving

Long before phrases like ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘green credentials’ passed into popular usage, business people and the heads of public organisations were already displaying an eagerness to find more energy-efficient ways of working. Not because they wanted to save the planet, necessarily, but because energy is expensive and the ability to produce more for less has always been the Holy Grail of all commercial endeavour.

Which is why we don’t offer energy saving solutions simply to those companies looking to ‘go green’, we recommend energy saving solutions to all our customers because, in a nutshell, who doesn’t want to save money?

Of course, now, saving energy isn’t solely the preserve of the ethically minded or the fiscally prudent. Now, it’s a matter of legislation: Part L of the Buildings Regulations (Conservation of Fuel and Power), for example. 

But whether you’re driven by ethical, commercial or legal concerns, the fact is A.M.E Electrical have the knowledge, experience and proven track-record to deliver the energy-saving solution your organisation demands.

  • Car Park Energy Efficient Schemes

  • LED, Induction & T5 Lighting Projects

  • Voltage Optimisation

  • Quality Products Supplied

  • Quick Return on Investments

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Customer Feedback

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FTJ Corrado

Integral Build

“I have known Matthew Edwards for several years, in his current role and previously. Matthew is dedicated and stickler for detail and he encourages his team at A.M.E. Electrical to follow his mantra and because of this their work is always of the highest quality.”

I Carter

Wellbeing Merthyr

“I only have good things to say about Matthew, he is very professional in his approach to everything he has been asked to do for the Trust. His electrical knowledge is excellent and he has guided us through some tricky decisions regarding electrical installs and best practice.”